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REAL PARTNERSHIP WITH RURAL COMMUNITIES FOR BIOTRADE Butterfly farming for export and Biotrade. We work towards an environmentally sustainable, socially fair and profitable activity. Did you know that Colombia is the richest country in the world of butterfly species? Is in the top spot with Peru. "Colombia is one of the nations with the greatest diversity of life on the planet and holds the title of having the largest number of species of butterflies, it has approximately 3,500 species of day butterflies and 45,000 of night butterflies, from a total of 250,000 described worldwide. What is very understandable when you consider the number of animals in one place, is related to the variety of flora and this is at the same time the result of the different types of climates and regions that exist in Colombia [1]. Inventories of our country, have benn not updated for quite some time for reasons of public order and security, but "This great diversity of species is equal to five times the total of known species throughout North America and Europe combined, more than triple in number of existing across the Australian-Oceanic region and more than four in number of those in the Neartic Region "[2] That's why we are so proud of being Colombian. And ... you know what the BIOTRADE? "Activities of collection and / or production, processing and marketing of goods and services derived from native biodiversity under environmental, social and economic sustainability criteria [3] Por eso nos sentimos tan orgullosos de ser colombianos. Colombia in 1999 established the principles and criteria that must follow any initiative BioTrade, in line with international guidelines that come from organizations such as UNCTAD [4]. These criteria were reviewed, adjusted and made ​​between all the environmental authorities in May 2005. Our company is an important reference of BioTrade in Colombia. [1] Guide for butterfly farming. Green Heritage Foundation, Biopacífico Project, Ministry of Environment, CVC. Luis Miguel Constantino Texts. 1977. [2] Orozco Zapata, M 2003. Biodiversity Programme. CORNARE [3] Definition agreed by the national BioTrade from the Andean region, CAF, UNCTAD and CAN. [4] UNCTAD: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, for its acronym in English.
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