Pupaes for Exports

ALAS DE COLOMBIA, has made the butterflies of all Colombians are known and admired in different parts of the world.

With over 800 shipments for June 2011, managed to create a new line of non-traditional exports to Colombia, to enter the competitive world of butterflies and positioning itself because its quality and compliance.

It is the only company that exports its products and work legally in the production only with rural communities.

Belongs to the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BREEDERS AND EXHIBITORS OF BUTTERFLIES (IABES) since 2004. Learn more about our partnership here:


¿What do we export?

1. Live Butterflies: in pupae stage


The complete cycle of the butterfly begins with the egg after 10 days average, becomes a larva or caterpillar that passes through five successive changes of skin as it grows up to pupa or chrysalis, stage in which remains more or less 10 days, until the butterfly emerges as an adult or imago.
ALAS DE COLOMBIA, exports pupae.

¿What for?

When butterflies have finished their biological changes, they open their wings and fly on butterlfy houses located in non-tropical countries, which due to its weather stations do not have the necessary conditions for the reproduction of butterflies.

We have some customers who open their exhibition for several months in theme parks or museums where tourists pay for their ticket to see flying  butterflies from around the world, including Colombia, produced by campesino (people of mountains) and indigenous communities in the  our Valle del Cauca. We also export to major distributors, which supply particular butterfly houses located in their countries.


Where? When?

We exported to Europe first time in September 2003 to direct customers in England and Germany and a dealer who sends them to France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and other European Union countries. Now we send to The Netherlands and France.

To The United States we export since 2004 to direct clients in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Antonio and Denver.

We send  weekly shipments to different destinations.

1 Nymphalidae
2 Pieridae
3 Papilionidae