Winged Accesories

All our products are made out of raised butterflies from our farms which have completed their natural lifecycle of 30 days average. In a wild environment less than 5% become adults due to natural predators. Butterfly farming gives them the necessary protection and food supply so that 80% of them can reach the adult stage.

Thanks for supporting this Bio-trade Initiative which ensures the conservation of species and increases the population, generates income to rural communities and indigenous Colombian groups improving their life status.

We work towards an environmentally sustainable, socially fair and profitable activity.

When the butterflies complete their short life cycle in natural way, we pick up their wings to combine them with delicate wildflowers, perfect for designing accessories.

ALAS DE COLOMBIA and Pistilo Accesorios work in strategic alliance to offering quality accessories in everlanting colors. Exclusive designs.

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1 Camisetas para Colorear
2 Cell Phone Accessorie
3 Hair Buckles and Pins
4 Sets (Earrings and Necklace)
5 Rings
6 Key Chains
7 Hand Painted Clothing

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